42 Ridiculously Fun Icebreaker Ideas & Games


A good virtual icebreaker can set up your virtual meeting for success. Set the right tone during kick-off and your team can be more prepared to participate. Break the virtual ice effectively and you’ll help people start talking and engaging without further prompts.

  • When you’re starting the icebreaker, make sure to say that participation is optional.
  • Here are some unique ice breakers that are more thoughtful than cheesy – to help both the existing team and the newest colleagues get off to a good start.
  • In breakouts, invite your team to share the three wishes they’d make and why.
  • Team members get aligned faster with templates, prompts, and proven methods that guide them to quickly solve any problem.
  • I prefer to use these kinds of questions in breakout rooms or in smaller groups and to tailor the specific questions to fit the team I’m working with.
  • Marooned is one of the most effective quick virtual icebreakers.
  • If you have a certain theme or purpose for icebreakers, add it to create a more tailored set of questions.

The first version is for teams who want to get to know each other better. The second version is for teams who want to explore how they are working together as a team. Using the chat in zoom, participants share ideas / challenges and then additions / solutions. You might then ask people to share why they put themselves where they did, or simply use this as an opportunity to gauge overall energy in the room. I find it particularly effective to return to the rollercoaster at the end of a session and to ask people how their position might have changed.

The No Smiling Icebreaker

Food makes memories in every culture, so everyone will probably have an answer they’ll look forward to sharing. Encourage everyone to talk about a board game they loved playing as a kid. There are likely a few people who have forgotten about that will come back to mind as a pleasant surprise. Flip https://remotemode.net/ the typical conversation on its head by asking everyone to name a song they always skip if it comes on the radio. You’ll get to know everyone while people playfully defend their favorite artists. Ask everyone to turn on their mics or answer in chat when you call out a space that applies to them.

  • Reward your team members with fun prizes like a free coffee or takeout.
  • It’s a Swedish word often interpreted as ‘a coffee and cake break’.
  • The next player will share an experience, and the same response goes on until the team gets a winner.
  • The conversations focus on some of the most remarkable people who helped your coworkers become the successful, thriving individuals they are today.
  • This approach breaks the ice and cultivates a more inclusive and engaging office culture.

Promote team camaraderie and enhance workplace dynamics through crowdsourcing team interests. Gather insights into everyone’s hobbies, favorite activities, and passions to create dedicated Slack channels that serve as hubs for both professional and personal engagement. To play, the facilitator will first generate several would you rather questions,  icebreakers for virtual meetings write the questions on different cards, and finally, label each card with a number. Next, each player will choose a number, and the facilitator will read the question on the card bearing the mentioned number. The players will take turns answering the selected question. However, at no other time during the game should both groups do the same action.

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The rest of the members may jot down the animal they think members represent. You could also tie this to an existing superhero, or even a feature film (since most of them seem to be about superheroes these days).

  • If you want people to get out of the office, you also can have your icebreaker be a mini scavenger hunt.
  • Discussions in virtual meetings are often more productive when moving into breakouts.
  • Start by dragging and dropping blocks, add timings and share your completed agenda with your participants for an engaging session.
  • It is traditionally a drinking game but can be played with workplace appropriate questions easily.
  • Water Cooler Trivia gives you and your team weekly trivia quizzes that spark conversation and competition.

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