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Correction of an Error in Financial Statements

Posted on març 31st, 2021 by Ca d'Antema

Suppose the sale of old furniture for $5,000 is credited to the sales account. This error cannot be corrected directly by crediting the furniture account with $5,000. Whether a rectifying journal entry should be passed or not depends on the nature of the mistake. Therefore, in this article, whenever we refer to rectification of errors, […]

Annual Compensation vs Annual Salary: What’s the Difference?

Posted on febrer 26th, 2021 by Ca d'Antema

Your employer would only be able to offer a match equal to half of $23,000 ($11,500) up to 5% of $345,000 ($17,250). For example, consider a scenario where you are enrolled in your employer’s 401(k) plan, which offers a matching contribution of 50% of elective salary deferrals, up to 5% of your annual compensation. Median FTSE […]

Austin Bookkeeping & Accounting Firm

Posted on desembre 10th, 2020 by Ca d'Antema

As Chartered Accountants working with American small businesses we have found that the small businesses that follow most of these commandments have a much higher likelihood of success. But just as living by a few simple guidelines can help us in life, following another set can help in business. By demonstrating the type of vision, […]

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